Governor’s bonding proposal wisely invests in infrastructure

When Governor Dayton unveiled his $1.4 billion bonding proposal last week, he wisely focused on jobs and investing in Minnesota’s infrastructure – both maintaining what we have, as well as investing strategically in projects to strengthen our state in the future. This plan will create close to 40,000 jobs in the short term, and it will lead to strong economic development and jobs in the future.

Governor Dayton’s 2016 Bonding Proposal

A major function of bonding bills is to help maintain publicly-owned infrastructure. Many small towns have out-of-date and crumbling drinking and wastewater facilities. Improvements or building new systems is so costly – many towns require state assistance before they can move forward. Governor Dayton’s investment of $220 million to help aid communities across the state is 3-4 times the average amount spend on water quality projects. According to the EPA, Minnesota communities will need $11 billion in water infrastructure improvements over the next two decades.

Senator Stumpf comments on Governor Dayton’s $1.4 billion bonding proposal

Governor Dayton unveiled a robust bonding bill on Friday totaling $1.4 billion worth of infrastructure projects. The total bonding bill announcement was preceded by the Governor’s unveiling of the $220 million water quality and infrastructure portion of the bill on Thursday. As Chair of the Senate Capital Investment Committee, Sen. LeRoy Stumpf (DFL-Plummer) released the following statement.