Let’s talk about fairness, access to opportunity, and justice: Why creating a transit system that works for its people is vitally important

Today, I had the pleasure of joining the Senate Bonding Committee Tour which made more than a dozen stops in Minneapolis. One of our mid-morning stops highlighted a gravely unsafe area alongside Interstate 35W and Lake Street. To get to this bus stop, commuters must climb a steep set of decaying stairs to get to a woefully ugly and barely sheltered bus stop that sits right next to the freeway, with cars and buses racing past at high speeds. It is noisy, polluted, receives water and salt spray, is hard to access, and is a generally unpleasant, hostile experience. This area is the heart of three of this region’s most heavily traveled transit and transportation corridors: Lake Street, I-35W (and the Orange Line Bus Rapid Transit), and the 29th Street Midtown Greenway “bicycle highway.”