Senator Stumpf comments on Governor Dayton’s $1.4 billion bonding proposal

Governor Dayton unveiled a robust bonding bill on Friday totaling $1.4 billion worth of infrastructure projects. The total bonding bill announcement was preceded by the Governor’s unveiling of the $220 million water quality and infrastructure portion of the bill on Thursday. As Chair of the Senate Capital Investment Committee, Sen. LeRoy Stumpf (DFL-Plummer) released the following statement.

Saving our planet’s rare and endangered plant species; a tour of the University of Minnesota’s College of Biological Sciences Conservatory

The school is asking for $4.4 million in bonding to build a new, energy efficient facility to protect these special plants, and to provide hands-on learning opportunities for Minnesota’s future plant geneticists, growers, and agriculture and environmental scientists. As a farmer, and someone who works with the land, I like to come visit places like this that help explain how studying even the tiniest plant has a lot of importance to our greater environment.

Sen. LeRoy Stumpf: Addressing the overcrowding problems in Minnesota county jails

Today we had a very interesting discussion at the Chisago County Jail. This jail, built in 1978, is the seventh oldest jail in the state. It’s also experiencing significant overcrowding problems – so much so, that in the past 20 years the sheriff told us he had never had any open beds to rent to the state. (County jails frequently take in prisoners from the state prison system due to overcrowding there as well.)

Sen. Stumpf: AURI (Agriculture Utilization Research Institute) – helping Minnesota’s farmers and food entrepreneurs

The Agriculture Utilization Research Institute helps develop new uses for agriculture products through science and technology. Funded by the State of Minnesota, AURI helps generate a substantial economic impact in Minnesota communities by helping businesses leverage innovative opportunities in four focus areas. Those areas are coproducts, renewable energy, biobased products and food.

Sen. Stumpf: Nielsville Bridge

This morning, our first stop of the day took us down a narrow road to a bridge that crosses the Red River and connects Minnesota and North Dakota. It was a beautiful morning, but the Mayor of Nielsville, who greeted us at the bridge, had some grim news. The bridge had a several foot-wide hole in the middle of it.