Sen. Clausen: Enhancing pedestrian accessibility in Apple Valley

151202 Suburban Bonding Day 2 IMG_2381

As the start of the Legislative Session is quickly approaching I am excited to have the opportunity to advocate for $5 million in bonding funds to complete an elevated walkway at Cedar and 147th transit station in Apple Valley. The pedestrian sky bridge walkway will connect the two transit stations over a busy intersection on Cedar Avenue and County Road 42. The new walkway, once completed, is expected to spur significant economic development along the Cedar Avenue/ Highway 77 transit corridor – which has already been designed as a “Jobs and Activity Center.”

The Apple Valley Jobs and Activity Center is home to more than 450 businesses and 9,000 jobs in a 750 acre area. The elevated walkway will make it easier, and safer, for pedestrians to get from one side of the road to the other to shop, work, and live.

Currently, pedestrians must cross nine lanes of traffic to get from the southbound transit station on Cedar to the northbound station. More than 60,000 cars, trucks, and buses use that intersection every day.

The total cost of the pedestrian sky bridge project is $5 million. I am hopeful the state will fully fund the sky bridge bonding request, allowing the City of Apple Valley to move this shovel-ready project forward.