Senate Bonding Bill totals $1.5 billion and aims to create 39,900 jobs statewide

Bonding Bill prioritizes asset preservation, environmental protection and transportation

ST. PAUL, Minn. — Monday morning, Chair of the Senate Capital Investment Committee Sen. LeRoy Stumpf (DFL-Plummer) unveiled his $1.5 billion bonding bill which makes significant investments in transportation, education and critical water and environmental infrastructure projects. In a year that shined the light on our state’s and nation’s aging water infrastructure, those projects feature prominently in Sen. Stumpf’s bill. Likewise, a quarter of the bill is dedicated to transportation projects including a transit access project along I-35 and several high profile rail safety projects. Sen. Stumpf says he’s proud that his bill makes commitments to every part of the state.

“My major takeaway after traveling 3,000 miles across the state this past fall on our bonding tours, was that Minnesota has an aging infrastructure problem. We saw it at stop after stop — cracked walls, leaking roofs, and windows that needed to be replaced. You’ll see that asset preservation was a major priority for a lot of the agencies – and we funded $212.5 million worth of these project requests.

I think we did a good job of putting together a bill that balances the needs of the entire state with the priorities of cities, counties and state agencies. Bonding bills take care of state owned infrastructure and they drive economic development by creating jobs all over the state. Our bill is estimated to create around 40,000 jobs – and these construction jobs will be building and preserving the things that make Minnesota a great place to live, work and play,” said Sen. Stumpf.

“Half of Sen. Stumpf’s bill goes directly to transportation projects and education, two areas that are key for Minnesota’s economic and growth. It is clear that there is serious need for state investment, I urge House Republicans to publicly rollout their bonding proposal too so we can get to work on creating jobs and preserving Minnesota’s aging infrastructure,” said Sen. Tom Bakk

“There were around $5.3 billion worth of project requests. Knowing that number – and still seeing all of the great projects we were able to include in this bill is an incredible feat. I’m particularly proud of the environment and water infrastructure projects we were able to fund – about $282 million worth that make up just under 20 percent of the total bill. Making a commitment to Minnesota’s waterways – the infrastructure and physical hard work it takes to maintain, clean and harness – is something we can all be proud of,” said Senate Capital Investment Committee Vice Chair, Sen. Bev Scalze.

Here are a few highlights from the Senate’s 2016 Bonding Bill:

  • Transportation: $390 million
    •  Examples: Local Road Improvement Fund: $70 million, Local Bridge Replacement Program: $80 million, Rail Grade Separation projects: $65.4 million to Moorhead, Red Wing and Coon Rapids.
  • Education: $362 million
    • Examples: University of Minnesota HEAPR: $61.5 million, U of M Chemistry and Advanced Materials Science Building: $66.6 million. MnSCU HEAPR: $70 million, Winona State University, Education Village Phase 2: $25.3 million
  • Water Infrastructure: $282 million 
    • Examples: Flood Hazard Mitigation grant assistance: $20 million, St. Louis River Area of Concern (Duluth): $12.7 million, Wastewater Infrastructure Fund: $80 million, Point Source Implementation Grants: $62 million.
  • Public Safety: $202 million 
    • Examples: Department of Corrections asset preservation: $20 million, Saint Cloud Prison, intake, health services and loading dock: $19 million, New State Emergency Operations Center: $33.3 million, MN Security Hospital Phase 2: $70.2 million.
  • Parks and Recreation: $181 million 
    • Examples: Department of Natural Resources asset preservation: $33 million, Minnesota Zoo; Heart of the Zoo 2 project: $17.8 million, Met Council; Metropolitan Regional Parks: $10 million.
  • Housing: $90 million 
    • Examples: Minnesota Housing Finance Agency, Housing Infrastructure Bonds: $70 million, Public Housing Rehabilitation: $20 million.
  • Human Services: $92 million 
    • Examples: Red Lake Nation human services building: $17 million, St. Paul Dorothy Day Revision Phase 2: $12 million.

Click here to see detailed and interactive maps, learn about specific projects and watch videos.