The projects below reflect those for which we were able to gather supporting materials and multimedia. There are hundreds of Local Government and State Agency project requests. If you’d like to see a project highlighted below, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

  • ✓ University of Minnesota - Duluth

    The University of Minnesota - Duluth is asking the state for $24 million dollars to construct a new chemical sciences and advanced materials building. Project advocates say the building will include active learning class rooms, open student gathering space, teaching and research laboratories, faculty office space, student services and educational program offices. Actual Amount: $1,500,000

  • ✓ Wade Stadium

    he Historic Wade Stadium in Duluth is due for a facelift according to city leaders. The renovations would include more efficient ticketing areas and gates, a revamped concession area, a larger press box and repairs to the exterior walls of the structure. Actual Amount: $2,300,000

  • ✓ Vermillion State Park

    The Department of Natural Resources is asking for $25,000,000 for the continued development of Vermillion State Park. The money will go towards new recreational facilities including; camping areas/cabins, sanitation buildings, boat-in sites, Welcome Plaza, Stuntz Bay picnic area, Cable Bay Family Adventure Area and Lake Lodge Road connecting Soudan Underground Mine and Lake Vermilion State Park. Actual amount: $14,000,000

  • ✓ Northeast Regional Corrections Center (NERCC)

    project advocates say the NERCC campus needs help. Some of its buildings are now more than 80 years old and have long surpassed their life expectancy, creating safety issues for residents and staff, and affecting programming. Actual Amount: $1,000,000

  • ✓ Central Lakes College

    Central Lakes College is looking to renovate 64,330 square foot facility and is looking to the state to help them. The 4 point 5 million dollars ask would go towards the demolition of 17 thousand square feet of mothball space as well as updating the energy and technology systems.

  • ✓ Highway 53

    The Highway 53 project is requesting $22.2 million from the state to help acquire land and pre-design storm water relocation, utilities relocation and the creation of trails for bikes, pedestrians and ATV’s. Actual amount: $19,500,000

  • Chisholm Municipal Services Building

    The City of Chisholm is requesting $2.7 million in funding to design and construct a new 45,500 square foot municipal services building which will house the fire hall, public works and school bus garage.

  • ✓ St. Louis Rescue Squad

    Saint Louis County is looking for $837,000 for buildings to house the Saint Louis County Sheriff’s Volunteer Rescue squad. The money will help with the remodel and reuse of the existing of the Saint Louis Public Works Building in Virginia as well as the construction of a cold storage building in Canosia Township. Actual amount: $700,000

  • Renewable Energy Clean Air Project (RECAP)

    Kooching County is asking for $12 million dollars construct a 100,000 square foot Plasma Torch Gasification waste-to-energy facility. Project spokespeople say this project offers an innovative approach to waste management while reducing the need for landfills. The total project cost is $55 million dollars.

  • ✓ NorShor Arts Center Historic Renovation

    This request is for $6,950,000 in state bond funding to complete renovations to the NorShor Arts Center – the historic NorShor Theatre, Annex and Temple Opera Buildings in Downtown Duluth. The funding will be used to design, construct, furnish and equip improvements to the existing buildings located on East Superior Street in Duluth, Minnesota and St. Louis County. Actual Amount: $6,950,000

  • ✓ AEOA & Range Mental Health Joint Building

    The Arrowhead Economic Opportunity Agency (AEOA) and the Range Mental Health Center (RMHC) – are the two largest non-governmental human service agencies in the Arrowhead region. The two have partnered together and are requesting $20,000,000 to build a new 100,000 square foot shared building. Actual amount: $7,000,000

  • Deer River Multiage Center

    The Deer River School District is requesting $2.9 million in bond funds to help renovate an existing building and turn it into a multiage center.

  • ✓ Spirit Mountain

    The Spirit Mountain Recreation Authority is asking for $3.4 million of a $4.5 million dollar budget in its efforts to Acquire land rights, design, construct and equip a water delivery system for snow making purposes. The money would also go towards an environmentally sensitive drainage system. Project leaders say the new system will free up water capacity for the City of Duluth. Actual Amount: $3,400,000

  • Minnesota Correctional Facility

    The Department of Corrections is asking for $1.6 million dollars to increase security at the Minnesota Correctional facility in Moose Lake. The money will go towards improvements to the Master Control Center, Upgrading out of date fire alarm panels and a renovation that will allow for an increase in visibility.

  • ✓ Reif Center

    Grand Rapids is looking to expand and upgrade the Myles Reif Performing Arts Center. The upgrade plans include, a new theater, ADA accessibility, 60 additional seats in the main auditorium, expanded lobby and technology upgrades. They are asking for $3.897 million dollars of a total $7.794 million dollar total cost.

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