The projects below reflect those for which we were able to gather supporting materials and multimedia. There are hundreds of Local Government and State Agency project requests. If you’d like to see a project highlighted below, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

  • ✓ Lanesboro Dam

    A 25 foot tall, 220 feet long dam in Lanesboro is in dire need of repair according to DNR and City officials. The Lanesboro dam was constructed in 1868 and currently provides hydroelectric power and recreational benefits to the city. The dam is currently classified as a high hazard structure. The city is asking for 1.4 million dollars of a 2.2 million dollar project.

  • ✓ Mayo Civic Center

    The Mayo Civic Center is at capacity and it's time to expand and city leaders want the states help in doing so. Project leaders are asking for $37,000,000 of an $81,000,000 project to expand and renovate the Rochester attraction. Civic Center management say the expansion will add hundreds of millions of dollars in economic impact as well as create 300 new jobs, plus they say state and income taxes collection could increase by 3 million dollars. Actual amount: $34,500,000

  • ✓ Red Wing Renaissance Project

    The city of Red Wing is aiming to become the premiere historic river town in Minnesota and they are asking for the state's help in achieving their goals. The Red Wing Renaissance Project includes reconstruction of several roads, trails and levees as well as the construction of a transient boat dock facility. Plus the city plans on renovating the historic Sheldon Performing Arts Theater. They are asking for $4,295,000 of a more than $8,000,000 project. Actual amount: $1,560,000

  • Southeast Technical

    Southeast Technical College has its eyes on the future and need 1.7 million dollars from the state to help them. College officials are looking at improving their welding and science labs, as well as classroom renovations to help them meet their educational goals. Construction is scheduled for less than 18 months.

  • ✓ Winona State University

    Winona state university is asking the state to pitch in more than 6 million dollars for the construction of a new education village as well as the renovation of the Phelps Hall Psychology Lab. The Education village would feature nearly 19,000 sq. ft. of classrooms, labs, observation rooms and offices. The psychology lab renovation would improve electrical and hvac systems. Winona State officials say the renovations will help them meeting future workforce training needs. Actual Amount: $5,902,000

  • ✓ Montgomery City Hall

    The city of Montgomery is looking to double the size of their public safety building in order to meet the growing demand on their fire and ambulance service. The current building which was built in 1974 does not have enough room to house all the emergency vehicles, not only do the vehicles need to be parked in a certain sequence, but five fire trucks are housed in an offsite location. The city is asking for 1.3 million dollars of a 2.6 million dollar project. Actual Amount: $220,000

  • Owatonna Armory

    The Department of Military affairs is asking for 1.3 million dollars for an addition and renovation of the Owatonna Armory. The project would include the renovation of the existing building, 500 sq, yards for vehicle storage, and upgrades to meet safety and accessibility requirements.

  • ✓ Lanesboro Hatchery

    The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is looking for 4 million dollars to make improvements to their fish hatchery programs. The money would go towards improvement of water quality, and preventing the spread of invasive species. Also the money would help four facilities reduce their energy costs.

  • ✓ Chatfield Center for the Arts

    The Potter auditorium was built in 1935 and now serves as the Chatfield Center of The Arts. They are asking for nearly 8 million dollars of a 15.9 million dollar project, to renovate the theater with new lighting, acoustic and HVAC systems, as well as improving the seating, access and restrooms. Local matching funds of 9 million dollars have already been raised. Actual Amount: $5,352,000

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