The projects below reflect those for which we were able to gather supporting materials and multimedia. There are hundreds of Local Government and State Agency project requests. If you’d like to see a project highlighted below, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

  • ✓ Mankato Civic Center

    The Mankato Civic Center is due for an upgrade according to city officials. They are asking for $14.5 Million to design. construct and improve the arena. This is the eighth year the civic center has requested funds. The city also has authority to match state funds through a local sales tax. The civic center has a shared facility agreement with MSU-Mankato.

  • ✓ Rapidan Dam

    The DNR is requesting $5 million for the reconstruction and renovation of the Rapidan Dam near Mankato. Project highlights include dredging portions of the river and upgrading various dam components. The dam, which was constructed in 1910, also generates hydro electric power.

  • ✓ MN Security Hospital

    The Minnesota Department of Human Services is looking for more than $56 million for the design, construction and renovation of the upper campus of the Minnesota Security Hospital in Saint Peter. The money will go towards, transition program housing, patient living, treatment and work/activity programming.

  • ✓ Shakopee Women's Prison

    Minnesota's only female correction facility is once again asking for money to construct a fence around the prison. The Shakopee prison was constructed in 1986 and currently houses 644 offenders. Prison officials say the fence is needed to enhance public safety, reduce risk of escape and intrusion. In fact since 1995 7 offenders have escaped and 19 intrusions have been reported since 2008. The bonding request is for nearly $6 million.

  • ✓ School for the Blind

    The Minnesota State Academies for the blind and deaf are looking for $3.1 million for school upgrades and renovations. Five of the nine projects result in energy savings. Project proponents are also asking for a new dormitory to replace Frechette Hall which was constructed in 1967. Actual amount: $10,654,000

  • ✓ Southwest Regional Amateur Sports Center

    The City of Marshall is requesting for $4,298,000 in state bond funding to acquire land, predesign, design, construct, furnish and equip a new Southwest Minnesota Amateur Sports Center facility located in the City of Marshall and Lyon County.

  • ✓ Minnesota Phases of the Lewis & Clark Regional Water System

    The Lewis & Clark Joint Powers Board is requesting $69,180,000 in state bond funding in 2014 to construct the MN phases of the Lewis & Clark Regional Water System (L&C). Project advocates say it will provide critically needed drinking water to the four MN members of L&C – RCRWD, Luverne, LPRWS and Worthington. Actual amount: $13,000,000

  • ✓ Mankato State University

    A new Clinical Sciences Facility of the Minnesota State University-Mankato campus is near the top of the priority list for MNSCU officials. The more than $25 million ask will go towards the design of the new 56 thousand square foot building. It will include 24 labs and classrooms, 35 clinic spaces and multiple offices. Money for the project was previously appropriated in 2012.

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