Northern Access Dental Clinic

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    Sen. Skoe: Northern Access Dental Center, Bemidji

  • Access to dental care for Minnesotans is incredibly scarce in the northern part of our state. For Minnesotans without dental insurance or financial means, the struggle is even greater. The Northern Access Dental Center opened in 2009 in Bemidji to cater to this very population. In the first year the center served 2,200 people, and just four years later it was serving more than 12,000 patients annually.

    The Center is requesting $3.5 million in bonding to help construct a new, $9 million facility. The existing facility has maxed out its useable space, its dental suites are cramped, patients aren’t given the privacy they deserve, and there is simply not enough space to handle the number of patients who need attention every day. The new facility will allow this dental center to greatly expand its reach, allowing them to serve thousands more families and children across the state.

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