Rail Grade Separation – Moorhead

  • More about Moorhead rail traffic:

    Sen. Eken: Moorhead Railroad Grade Separation

  • Last year, Moorhead averaged 85 trains passing through the city each day; about 5-7 of those trains each day were carrying oil from North Dakota. Train crossings in Moorhead block city streets between four and eight hours each day.

    These crossings have created safety concerns for pedestrians and vehicles, are barriers to emergency services and first responders, and serve as economic viability concerns.

    The City of Moorhead is requesting $42.262 million to complete an underpass project at a four-lane highway ‘spaghetti junction’ intersection in town, which would dramatically increase safety and decrease wait times all together, allowing passenger vehicles and trains to co-exist. The total cost of the project is $50.762 million.

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